Vegan Kinder Bueno (The Tasty K) is yet another incredible recipe, from this talented German chef. Kinder Bueno is a very popular chocolate bar across Europe: a hazelnut cream filled wafer, covered in chocolate. However it’s made with both milk and palm oil, so not good for animal welfare. The secret to this beautiful vegan version is the wonderful iChoc chocolate bars (which are blended with a filling of coconut cream, maple syrup and hazelnut butter. Store the finished desserts in the fridge or freezer.

Kirsten grew up on a standard western diet in Germany, with a huge love of dairy product and sugary food. She researched how plant based foods nourish the body, and now shares the foods that have kept her in good health ever since. Treat yourself to a copy of her eBook Healthy Sweets & Treats, which contains several favorite recipes from the blog alongside some new ones. There are color photos for each of the 35 recipes, easy instructions and international measurements.

Recipe Notes

This recipe calls for a vegan wafer. Sarah Bakes Gluten Free has a basic recipe to make your own, if you can’t find any suitable ones in shops.