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If you run a blog for vegan recipes or any other type of site, here are some useful resources. Go through these and help your blog to become secure, beautiful, interesting and get found by search engines. You may even earn a little moolah!

If you would like to start your own blog to help promote the cause of the vegan or compassionate lifestyle, here are useful tips and resources to help. Combined, they can help you create, write, design and promote a successful blog.

Get Started

Blog Pretty is a delightful eBook that is beautifully designed. Written by a successful blogger and theme designer, it covers writing, designing, marketing and monetizing your blog, with simple checklists to get you started.

Happi Empire’s Clarity Playsheets can help focus ideas on what you want to do with your blog and life in  general. Fran (a web designer and spiritual student) has combined her talent and knowledge, to offer beautiful downloadable worksheets. She writes ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else!’

The Contract Shop® sells affordable legal templates for bloggers. This fun and modern female attorney is changing the online legal world, by offering fun yet totally watertight contracts, ideal if you take money online.

Roost Tribe is a wonderful members club for bloggers. For less than the cost of a soy cappuccino, each month you receive a bunch of goodies including tips, tutorials, interviews and a free vegan recipe!

Pretty Themes

17th Avenue Designs offers beautiful feminine themes for Blogger and WordPress. There are heaps of tutorials, and the premium themes (like the one used on this site) feature gorgeous visual indexes, ideal to display your favorite recipes.  If Genesis is used, it’s included in the price of the theme.

Angie Makes offers feminine watercolor WordPress templates, with easy to use custom admin panels to design your site to your heart’s content. There is excellent customer support alongside matching logos and a showcase, to submit your site to.

Web Plant Media is a brand new theme company run by a man who knows everything about coding WordPress! He has combined his knowledge with the talents of his wife (who runs Angie Makes, above) to offer a stunning Crimson Rose theme. It is beautifully designed and coded, with a very readable font and designed to easily upload a text or custom logo. You can also change the colors, if pink is not your thing!

Bloom Blog Shop (requires Genesis) offers minimal themes, designed by a married couple. JT does the coding and Kelsey (a former interior designer) beautifies them!

Code and Coconut (requires Genesis) offers a small selection of really nice themes. They all are quite different, but each with beautiful readable fonts, different color schemes and simple text based headers.

Sculpture Qode (also offer a plugin to rate recipes) and Station Seven (also offer Squarespace themes) both offer very minimalist black and white themes, with great features and reviews. Both have recipe themes, although any of them work.

Beautiful Dawn Designs offers fun and simple designs for WordPress (plus you can download 20 pretty Blogger templates). Tiffany’s designs are very easy to use, and you can simply adjust the colors and fonts in the admin panel. Her blog has lots of tips on how to use Pinterest to bring your blog traffic.

Restored 316 (requires Genesis) is a very popular company that has sold thousands of feminine themes over the last 10 years. The older themes have recently been updated to include visual indexes, and they offer lots of variety, from simple to fancy.

Improving Your Food Photography

Many talented chefs are let down by food that is tasty, but looks like a pile of mush. In a world where vegan food is often still derided by the mainstream, the world class blogs now have photos that compete with the professionals. This is also the way to get your recipes featured on food sharing sites (Pinterest etc) and sites like this one!

Treat yourself to a copy of The Food Photography Book, which was written by a newbie who took thousands of photos until she reached professional level. Also good is the eBook Tasty Food Photography from a young lady whose self taught skills took her food blog from 50 to 70,000 visitors a day! Finally, there is a wonderful online course worth investing in at We Eat Together.

Blog Traffic

First, create a secure and attractive site, filled with quality content. Then submit the free Google XML Sitemap generator for Mr Google to pick you up, and read up on how to get traffic from Pinterest.

Two good eBooks are The Complete SEO Guide for Food Bloggers (written by a former SEO professional turned successful food blogger) and SEO For Food Bloggers (another book by a successful veggie blogger).

Earn Blog Income 

Not everyone needs of wants to earn an income from their blog. But if you would like a little moolah and/or would like to turn your hobby into a business, How to Monetize Your Food Blog is a good place to start, which covers marketing, using your blog as a showcase for freelance work, and the basics of affiliate income. 

Elise is a NZ online entrepreneur who shares her secrets on how to make income from your blog in her eBook How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale. Also learn how to keep income consistent with her other book Sweet Sales Systems.

Vegan Blog PR

If you have a wonderful vegan blog or website but no takers, then there are some niche professionals who are happy to help. It’s their business and passion! Start by subscribing to the free newsletter at Mad Promotions, run by the UK’s top vegan PR gal. Karin knows everyone in the vegan world, and offers affordable PR, if you need it.

The Vegan Punk is a site run by an SEO expert. The difference is that as a passionate vegan, he can combine his skills with your marketing niche. He offers rolling packages, so you are not committed long term.

Vegan Ventures is an interesting book by a marketing professional, the first one to cater to this need. It includes case studies of successful vegan businesses, alongside tips on what to do. And what not to (ie. keep saying ‘vegan, vegan, vegan’!)

The Flaming Vegan is a high traffic website, where you can submit original blog posts (not already on your site) that are read and rated by users. As well as bringing good inbound traffic, the top rated posts pay money into your Paypal account. This site submitted two posts, and one got to the top! However, the rules have recently changed so unless you have a Google or Facebook account, you can’t join up or sign in.