Allergy Friendly Red Velvet Cupcakes (No Dairy, No Cry) are just beautiful to serve to anyone who is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, soy or sesame. And because they are vegan too, everyone can enjoy them. The chocolate cupcakes are naturally colored with fresh minced beets, and contain a little tang from fresh orange juice. Made with coconut milk and vegetable oil, these are free from margarine. Cool on a rack before piping on vegan palm oil free vanilla frosting.

Laila is a wife and mother, who spends countless hours in the kitchen, covered in flour! When one of her children was diagnosed with a dairy allergy, she had to completely overhaul her kitchen, and discovered by accident that there are healthier and tastier alternatives. When her other child developed allergies to eggs and cashews, her resourcefulness turned into this recipe blog. So not only does the site contain many recipes free from dairy, but obviously there are also any free from nuts.

Recipe Notes

Red velvet is a popular flavor in America, but almost unheard of in Europe. It is basically a mix of chocolate and beets. Chocolate gives the flavor and beets give the color. But beets are one of the sweetest veggies, so also good to use in dessert recipes. Obviously check if due to something else, but one side effect of eating beets is that your pink turns pee, so don’t panic if you see this!